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My hair is really dark brown people think its black,I play the harmonica,and the piano,my eys are the color of my hair but not dark,I am only 9 years old, I can make  pretty amazing pitcures, I am in 3 grade,I play air hocky,ping pong,soccor,dogeball,the violin,tag,hide and go seek,(one of my favorites)drum,i like cheetos(who dosn't?)pringles yes pringles,tigger of course,school,my school friends,my blingee friends(everyone who commented my profile is my blingee friends or  my friendy in my circle or group),i am very tan,i have an annoying cousin who tattles on everything i do,my annoying cousin also lies alot,which i hate,i am a good diorama maker(with clay i am better)in school my fav subgect is science(in science we made cool plants. mine was a sunflower.) I now like monster high.My fav character is draculaura.My school is naples park elementary school.My teacher is Mrs.Robinson.Nothing else in my profile. MAS CREMA!!!!      

                                       angel1400a with love to my friends and fans


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aloy4555 dit:

Il y a 2488 jours
Hi, Can anybody answer me? Where did you get the picture of alvin and Bretty in bed? Thank you!

TrinityLove108 dit:

Il y a 3083 jours
Please Vote For Me In These Competitions Below

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Sorry If  I Am Being A Pain

angel1400a dit:

Il y a 3089 jours
srry i haz no creditz :(

makasalaad dit:

Il y a 3093 jours
thank u can u give me a gift to celebrate 

Natalia767 dit:

Il y a 3120 jours
Yes, I seen the movie twice now. I'm a huge fan of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. By the way, the name of the character that you referred to is "Vanellope von Schweetz" not "vanilla von shweets".

angel1400a dit:

Il y a 3157 jours
goin my circle the two of you

posterworld dit:

Il y a 3158 jours
I'm 8 too!And all of your pictures are SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angel1400a dit:

Il y a 3163 jours
yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!

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