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Trinity1989 dit:

Il y a 4595 jours
You search a good group?
The search has an end!

Please join in the best group of the whole world.
The best out there on Blingee.
Everything is contain around the subject of actors, actresses, shows, movies, singers, etc.
With many competitions.

Check it out and show us your beautiful Blingees.
Everyone is welcome.



pinkyghurl31 dit:

Il y a 4910 jours
hi! how r u? pls join my new group..its called baby group thnx...=D xxx =D

Trinity1989 dit:

Il y a 4950 jours

becky_rose35 dit:

Il y a 5028 jours
I would like to introduce Heavens Newest Angel and to ask for your help to pass this blingee around to get as many prayers going for her mom as soon as possible. McKinley was sent to earth on 9-22-08 and became an Angel on 04-27-09. Not only losing a child is hard, but she faces Mothers Day and McKinley what would have been her first birthday in Sept. So please say a prayer and stop by and met HEAVENS NEWEST ANGEL. http://blingee.com/blingee/view/89682848-In-Memory-of-McKinley

Lisamausi95 dit:

Il y a 5109 jours
i have a pug,too.

Anahuarque dit:

Il y a 5154 jours
Loving sweetest friend of mine, "Happy Holidays & A prosperous New Year!" May your home be filled w/God's best of blessings, health & prosperity 4 now & ALWAYS. My gift granted is our precious friendship!!

°pazzerellina... dit:

Il y a 5223 jours
i'm italian!

Anahuarque dit:

Il y a 5258 jours
http://blingee.com/blingee/view/70166805-To-The-Victims-Families-Of-911-Rest-In-Eternal-Peace-?offset=0&owner=Rimay_0000&content=Glitter-Graphics               Enjoy your weekend peacefully & joyously too my friend.

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