Pray for Japan

about me ツ 
ஐ im really shy 
ஐ i gat easy scared & cry easy
ஐ i don't hate anyone
ஐ i Believe in God with all my heart ღ
ஐ i believe Something good in everyone
ஐ im a really person curious & im curious about everything just not scary stuff
ஐ i love to draw so much i draw anime manga my favorite band's & disney & video game characters & more
ஐ i love to bake cookies cakes & more
ஐ my dream is to be a manga artist in japan
ஐ i love to collect ty beanie baby pokemon cards yu-gi-oh cards inuyasha cards & more
ஐ i love to watch japanese drama's & movie's
ஐ i love power rangers & super sentai
ஐ i LOVE clowns & jesters i think they are cute
ஐ my favorite anime's are
1: Inuyasha
2: Fruits Basket
3: Kaleido Star
4: Jewel Pet Tinkle
ஐ my favorite band's
1: The Pumpkin Head
2: Bloody Clown
3: Mix Speaker's,Inc.
4: LM.C
5: Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD
6: Heisei Ishin


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Sw33tOnik dit:

Il y a 3797 jours
Can u plz vote me ? Thanks :)

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