I am strong, but I am tired

My children are the reason i smile,I laugh, and I cry. They are my happy place my frustration, they are what make my heart beat and sometimes break. My children are my EVERYTHING.


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BubblePuppy dit:

Il y a 913 jours
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year my friend!!

theswanprince... dit:

Il y a 1226 jours
hi want to be friends

BubblePuppy dit:

Il y a 1255 jours
For you
Happy Valentine's Day

BubblePuppy dit:

Il y a 1343 jours
Hi Didi, sorry I haven't been on for awhile...Congrats on the your baby...I saw your blingee of the ultrasound...so cute!! I can imagine how you feel...my sister just had her baby and she had a lot of morning sickness. Now she is is just tired most of the time. Glad to see you made some more blingees, hugs for you!! http://bln.gs/b/299w6s

BubblePuppy dit:

Il y a 1374 jours
Hi DiDi, how have you been? I hardly see you online. I've been busy with my studies, haven't been on Blingee for awhile. Hope all is well with you...take care...Dana

guardian06 dit:

Il y a 1447 jours
I just wanted to drop by to see how you and your family are doing.  I hope all is well and blessed with you all =)

Friendly Hugs, Deb

BBB338 dit:

Il y a 1551 jours
So sorry to hear about your sick mother-hope she gets well soon! Now you will be able to see a lot of beautiful Rockabilly Blingees around! There were 107 entries! Hugs, Irene

BBB338 dit:

Il y a 1557 jours
Hi, I am starting a new Challenge called: Spring Flowers Rockabilly Woman! This is the link to the Challenge and you have 3 days to enter up to 4 new Blingees:


When voting time comes, I will send you the link to vote! You might win your first trophy!!

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