A Falling Suicide Stawr. <3

{[x]}single.  {[]}taken.

{[my old name was 'Stawr Fatality'. it is now 'A Falling Suicide Stawr']}

---\/---`♪.Put this on your
---[]--- page if you have a 
---[]--- love for music×♫×

okayy, so meh name is star. [dont u ever forget it!]^.^
i can be a total bitch so dont mess with meh, i can also be ubberly nicee! :D.
smiley whore? yesh! =P.
im bisexual, so what?! :z.
im 14 years young. i luff MUSIC. <3
I love playing on my guitar. c:
im always up for meeting new people, so dont be shy and talk! =].
i have a myspace, IMVU, and msn.:x.
ask me for them. :z
i also love anime! >:D.
i think its fun making a blingee. :Þ.
i guess im sort of good at it. [rate and comment!!]
well i guess thats all u peeps need to kno about meh.=].


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missgerrimarie dit:

Il y a 5955 jours
hey sweets yea i have imvu its Misscherrimarie so add me  kk an we'll chat.  hehe  im bi too but i think ur a lil young for me sooo lets be friends huh... xoxoxo   nice blingees an see ya around.

-SuGaR- dit:

Il y a 5964 jours
=D well i am so tired cause i have a lot of homework xD but tomorrow is saturday YAY¡¡¡

-SuGaR- dit:

Il y a 5965 jours
hi friend its me  katherine1122 ^^ just have to make another acount cause i was hacked xD lol but , how r ya =)

lilkeke_holder dit:

Il y a 5974 jours
hey! i'm good! how bout u? i know rite i really missed u hope we can chat more!

5Innocents dit:

Il y a 6005 jours
Oh i have an Imvu also, it's user is EmoRainb0w xDDD

5Innocents dit:

Il y a 6005 jours
Hi, I like your pictures they're cute.
I'm bisexual and  single.
I'm 13 :3
Hope to know more about you <3
Bye bye :D

Toni.is.Awesome dit:

Il y a 6006 jours
Hi! ^^
I'm 13 and bisexual too :]
You said you have an IMVU right?
Yush. XD I have one too.
Mind if we add each other?
If not thats fine too <3
Mine is: SabishiiOtome13.
:] BTW kewlio pics.
Wish mine was as great as your are.

envyhelp dit:

Il y a 6013 jours
hi im jenn 
im 13 
im a bisexual 
and yeah i like ur pics there kool 
ohh im in florida lol 

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