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Klaudia_1998_ dit:

Il y a 19 jours
Hello, do you maybe have a contact with owners of Blingee? 

wilfried1947 dit:

Il y a 71 jours
I have tried again and again to create a Blingee, saving it was impossible and it took a very long time. Everything else becomes slower too. I receive this message: 
Oops, we are having technical difficulties processing your request at this time. Please try again later or maybe try another image… and don’t hesitate to contact us here, if this issue persists.  Know you more?

Klaudia_1998_ dit:

Il y a 127 jours
Ahh sorry, when I wrote I want to make my own Blingees I mean stamps, I just need to know what a program use to stamps, sorry for the wrong in comment. 

Klaudia_1998_ dit:

Il y a 127 jours
Well then I apologize for that.
Btw have you found some solution to making without flash or very save way to making for Windows 10 or 11? 
I would like to make Blingees a lot, but now always I have time to make them when I need to use 2 laptops on one time.

Klaudia_1998_ dit:

Il y a 127 jours
I'm not the one who did that, tbh I don't like the way you know, even I have not photoshop, I'm   just trying to find original in google, but not to put as mine, I dont know what a program was used to make them, tbh I'd like to make my own blingees but I need help and most of users aren't here so often so I don't know how can I ask them. I didn't wanted put them as my own. I'm not happy to do that. 

Klaudia_1998_ dit:

Il y a 127 jours
Well in past when we haven't way for making blingees we just saved some stamps which we wanted to use on our own. I tried to make some pics here but here is some problem with researcher, I prefer making pictures here, I hope you repair that. Some of stamps can be able on google but i need some pic to find them. Files arent working so I'm not gonna trying save that again. 

jeanpierre69 dit:

Il y a 143 jours
bonnes fêtes de fin d'année et bonne année 2024. Bisous 

wilfried1947 dit:

Il y a 252 jours
My reply to your comment at tmf448:
Guardian, you could have saved yourself checking 8 programs. About 2 years ago, I pointed out that there was no other option other than my suggestion. I've been an official Blingee member since April 2021 and, like all other members who create Blingees, I haven't had any problems with the flash player. I already referred to the article back then:
"Tuto remplacer adobe flash player bloqué depuis 2021".

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