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My name is Melissa. I'm 24! I have been married for 3 1/2yrs now.♥ Te amo mi vida. I have a crazy sense of humor that most people dont get but the people who get it usually become my good friends. I just love to live life and i believe as long as your happy and not hurting anyone then you should do what you want!

I had my son Cruz in 2012. I love my lil bebito <3 He is 16 mos old and a handful! :)


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MinionMe dit:

Il y a 3530 jours

Congratulations on being The Best Girl award winner of this week. I'm sure you love Movie Characters and Actors so please join my new group!

hotskullgirl11 dit:

Il y a 4297 jours
 :D Thank you and your welcome :)

Haruka★ dit:

Il y a 4337 jours
I can't wait!!!!!!!!
I wanna listen "Judas"early!!!
awwwwwwwww!!!!but,coming soon!!!

FanGaga13 dit:

Il y a 4412 jours
Thanks for the nice comment:D

mya12mya dit:

Il y a 4454 jours
Thanks for the add

QueenMaddi dit:

Il y a 4500 jours
Hello friend.
I have a new account because I had a hacker-.-
Here is my new account:
Please add me there(:

Haruka★ dit:

Il y a 4663 jours
I'm late;Thanx for the comment!!
and How are you?

Haruka★ dit:

Il y a 4708 jours
and thanx for the comment!!!

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