Petunia Flower's Illustrations

I am a process piping designer that specializes in water and wastewater treatment plant facilities.

During my leisure time I author and illustrate books for young adults.


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sweetterror dit:

Il y a 2861 jours
Good afternoon!!

If you have any interest in monthly contest here is a sign up sheet

You just need to copy and paste you comments link and I will send monthly contests to the group on your profile page.  If not no worries you will not be deleted from the group.


weinhex dit:

Il y a 3052 jours
Würdest du dich bitte hier eintragen? Ich möchte gern ein spezielles Blingee für dich an deinem Geburtstag machen.

May I ask you to sign in with your birthday?
I would like to give you a special blingee on your day.

Souhaitez-vous s'il vous plaît remplir ici? Je voudrais faire une Blingee spécial pour vous pour votre anniversaire.

ratchet101 dit:

Il y a 3054 jours
Can you pleas pick one of my story so I can purt on my profile 

1 no longer a Autobot 

2 a friend in need

3 abet of a muddle 

ratchet101 dit:

Il y a 3056 jours
I love my gift I wish I hade lots of credits then I would give you a real cool one but thank you so much 

ratchet101 dit:

Il y a 3058 jours
I vote your blingees they are real cool and vary cool art work I hope you will vote my blingees and if you give some things you like I will mack you a AWSOM blingee 

weinhex dit:

Il y a 3059 jours    -  

welcome to my circle of friends

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