Let your life be a dream. Integrity, Honesty...

It's too late for me. Don't look back until you're free to: Chase the Morning, Yield for nothing

Hi, I'm Leah. My friends call me Rain or RainbowNight though.
I'm 18 years old. I live in this little hell-hole town in germany called Loitsche. Really from what I can see, the only good from this city are the boys that i love so much, Tokio Hotel.
I moved here two years ago from Montana. At least the weather isn't much different (COLD)
When i came here, I saw so many people who were against Tokio Hotel... It was horrible. I had never heard their music or anything but from the photos i saw, I knew they couldnt be bad guys. They all looked so sweet. So I went to a record store and bought Schrei. I fell in love.
Bill's sweet voice went through my skull like a choir of angels. Tom's Guitar and Georg's Bass were the homecoming harps of judgement day. Gustav's drums were the marching of saints entering the pearly gates.
These boys were what I had sought for some time. They were my salvation.
You see, I had been facing SO many inner battles with myself that I had all but given up on life.
Something in the music I had found by sheer accident touched my soul.
It wasn't the words... or even the boys... It was the passion.
These boys live for their music.
I realized, if they can live for something and have as much passion in it as they do then I sure as hell can live through what I was going through.
From that day, I've made it my life goal just to meet them.
All I wanted from them was simple.
I wanted Bill to hear me sing, I want Them to hold my daughter (she is 6 months old and sleeps to Monsun each night), and I wanted one photo... I feel that wasn't too much to ask at all. However, I also felt it will never happen.


On 7 march 2010 in Helsinki, Finland, MY DREAMS BECAME A REALITY! I met them, I sang for them, they held breanna, and i got my photo! I'm soooo happy :) 

I've never been happier.


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let your life be a dream
let your life be a dream
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