Oº°‘¨I lOvE tO tAlK!¨‘°ºO

I love cheese and it is like the best thing ever!!!
I think spidaman is kewl!!
I love going on msn...
I have been siked about sugar lately! SUGAR RUSH!
I talk too much... And that's a fact!
That emo thing!!! I love some of the clothes but i realy, realy don't get it!
oh yer and as you probably have noticed i am a people person lol and i love to chat to people so if you like to chat i have msn and yer so talk to me bout it! [I love talking]

I loved wehen that Movember thing was on, I kept on sending the guy emails once i asked him to make me a mostache cause like i want one!
But he was funny cause whenever he answered a question hed say g'day babe!

oh yer I love cheese did I say that yet?

and my first name is Jordan-molly lol!


Oh I aLmOsT fOrGoT! MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!


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Merry Christmas stinky!
Queen cheese!
Afficher davantage



julia10lol10 dit:

Il y a 5424 jours
thanku soo so much! i luv yours too!

sillohette dit:

Il y a 5464 jours
Hey girl,how's everything? I've been a Blingeeing fool!
Stop by anytime!Luv Ya!

suprefan101 dit:

Il y a 5554 jours
hey jord* 

you know tegan parsons, yea well she is making an account so yea 

alrite love ya 


supre fan

sillohette dit:

Il y a 5562 jours
Have a safe and Happy New Year!

sillohette dit:

Il y a 5573 jours
Happy Holiday!

BiAh_13 dit:

Il y a 5573 jours
Merry Christmas!!!!♥♥


b_kawaii_jewels dit:

Il y a 5583 jours
You just click on the picture that you want to enter. & on the first screen that pops out, scroll down a little, to the right there's a link 'enter competition' just click on that and you just join whichever one you want. 

sillohette dit:

Il y a 5585 jours
Stop by and vote on my Blingee's!Luv Ya!

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