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Sorry, but this account only remains in existence cause I don't want to lose the blingees I made.  But for the rest I won't be returning here to comment on other people's blingees anymore.  There is thus no need to send friend requests or so anymore cause this account is basically "dead".

Not accepting new friends currently, sorry.

"FRIENDING" IMPORTANT NOTE: People, don't "friend" me just cause you want someone to rate and comment on YOUR blingees.  FRIENDSHIP IS A TWO WAY-STREET!  NOT ONE WAY! If you aren't interested in my blingees, then there is no point in friending me.
For those already on my "friends" list.  If I de-friended you, then this means you either never left me a comment on my blingees or I haven't heard from you in ages.
I'm not doing this to be mean, but I am more than busy enough and need to make choices.  I can't comment and rate everyone's blingees.  And I am sure neither can you.
I will only accept new "friends" whom have left me a comment on my profile to let me know they have read the above and know what I desire out of a "friendship" on blingee and whom will also commit to this.  If I can't make that up out of your left comment, I will not accept you as a "friend".

Okay, on to me then:
Into manga and anime.  I adore cats.  Love listening to music and reading books.  I mainly read fantasy books and a lot of the time it are books written for teenagers as I find most of them better written than the adult fantasy books.  I just read "Op Kot: Verhalen van een kotmadam" van "Kristin De Troyer" and "Hex Education" from "Emily Gould & Zareen Jaffery" and am reading currently "Time's Echo" from "Pamela Hartshorne".

Thanks to everyone who has voted for a blingee off me. I really appreciate it.


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White kitty friend
White kitty friend
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mangax dit:

Il y a 2322 jours
I really miss you T.T

larahfrancoise dit:

Il y a 3010 jours
I Love you, Dear. *^* why you've just gone away.

one-piece-95 dit:

Il y a 3260 jours
Meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année qui arrive!!!
Happy New Year!!!

LeDa_Haku dit:

Il y a 3275 jours
Where are you, dear? т.т

Musa-Ninja dit:

Il y a 3368 jours
Hi ^^

mangax dit:

Il y a 3369 jours
Hi it's been awhile ^.^
how are you ?

Angel_dark_se... dit:

Il y a 3397 jours
hey :3 it's been awhile my dear. ♥
how's you? I really miss you :'(
*kisses&hugs* <33

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