My name is Stephanie. I love helping people out and singing! I also have a love for deer and animals. I hate it when people hunt these innocent creatures down and use them as trophies! So please don't hunt deer. It's an evil act for people who hunt them for profits. I want this world to become a beautiful place to live!

Name: Stephanie

Birthdate: August 28th, 1992

Age: 27

Secret Crush: Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Born: St. Petersburg Florida Bayfront hospital


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BassenMin dit:

Il y a 6 days
hello my friend
if you have to time and feel like it
i would like to invite you to my challenge

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 16 days
Oh Man This Is So Cool....Absolutely Sensational :) Keep Up The *STUNNING* Work :)(comment for blingee....knowing when your boyfriend etc....)

SailorM91 dit:

Il y a 16 days
All of your "Frozen 2" stamps are amazing! I'm happy you like my artwork using your stamp! All of your creations are beautiful! Thank you for your well wishes for my dog, Snoopy; I really appreciate it ^_^

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 24 days
So Bestie How Are You Going To Celebrate New Years Eve? Happy New Years Eve Tomorrow

Your *FOREVER* Friend,

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 24 days
Hey Bestie....I Once Again Am So Glad That Your Back :) I Kept Checking Your Account Every Other Day To see If You Had Come Back An I Missed Seeing You Online :)Wow...
The Last Time I Think I Seen You In Here Was Right After Your Birthday!! So How Was Your Halloween,Thanksgiving,& Christmas :)? I Know Santa Made You Happy This Year? A New Computer!! *YAH**YAH**YAH*
Are you still working at the thrift shop?
Hows Your Cousin & His Boyfriend doing?

shwetashweta dit:

Il y a 25 days
Happy New Year 2020 
May Krishna bless you:)

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 26 days
Happy New Year Sweetie:)

Enjoy :)

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