im very sad im so worried about kiska the orca please help her


say this tilikum a 33 year old male orca captured in iceland lives at seaword orlando he stared in the movie blackfish and HES GOING TO DIE SOON HE NEEDS YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW LOOK AT THESE VIDEOS he has a peanut head. what means hes near DEATH
Please voice concerns about Tilikums health here, ask them to go and see him, the recent video evidence proves something isn't right. Please share the more complaints the better for Tilly,and use these videos below…/aw_complaint_form.shtml
  please share this around everywhere online or in real life no matter who and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known 

 please ask palace entertainment the buyer of the miami seaquarium to release lolita email is here; please share this around everywhere online or in real life no matter who and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known 

please join this site please tell this site to everyone no matter who and tell everyone to join it link is here… help bring back the romanovs to russia ; please share this around everywhere online or in real life no matter who and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known 

kiska is very sick  she WILL die the only way kiska has a chance of liveing is you tell everyone and tell them to share this around everywhere to contact the government of canada tell them to shut down marineland right now and tell them way im begging you to do this no matter how hard this is to contact the government of canada go here please tell everyone about this no matter who it is online or in real life o and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known

 please ask the government of iceland to bring Tilikum the orca from seaworld back to iceland

say this in the email to them hes incredibly unhappy in captivity he also has deep depression he was captured in 1983 when he was 2 years old in Breiðafjörðu iceland we know now orcas don’t belong in captivity if you have seen the movie blackfish watch it if you have not it shows how orcas don’t belong in captivity and Tilikum is the main focus is the orca Tilikum billions of people all over the world have seen blackfish and want to see Tilikum go back to Breiðafjörðu iceland and want him to stay in a seapen for life by his family/pod so im asking very nicely to bring Tilikum back to Breiðafjörðu iceland make a seapen for him and work incredibly hard and endlessly to find his family/pod if you don’t find them send Tilikum to the seapen anyway with other wild orcas Tilikum can not be set free due to his lack of teeth but he still can be givein fish in the seapen from humans and vets there to help him if hes sick you made a seapen for keiko the star of free willy when he came back to iceland so do it for Tilikum Tilikum is the most abused out of all captive orcas so please tell seaworld you want Tilikum back you have the power to do it push seaworld until they agree to give Tilikum back billions of people all over the world will be thrilled if you bring Tilikum back to Breiðafjörðu iceland and Tilikum will be the most thrilled of all once hes sent to a seapen so im asking very nicely please do this there emall is here; there site is here tell everyone about this online or in real life  and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known and ask them to do it please 

  seaworld is nothing but lies they dont care about the animals or traners only the money watch blackfish it proves seaworld sucks dont go to seaworld or any other marinepark and tell everyone even if you dont know them online or in real life not to go and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known join my anastasia site  please join this site to help stop shark finning share this around everywhere not to long ago two orcas where captured in russia please sign this to help free them  share this around everywhere join this site please tell this site to everyone no matter who and tell everyone to join it link is here  please comment on this site asking for the release of lolita the orca and ask her to be listed as a endangered species!documentDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2013-0056-1841 share this around everywhere its VERY important that you comment on it  favorite Movies: anastasia best movie ever the little mermaid an american tail the land before time sleeping beauty finding nemo the swan princess the lion king beauty and the beast pocahontas cinderella snow white the princess and the frog tangled brave balto The Brave Little Toaster mulan Thumbelina Princess Mononoke Spirited Away Kiki's Delivery Service My Neighbor Totoro Castle in the Sky toy story cars Titanic  the notebook 101 Dalmatians The Adventures of Milo and Otis Frozen peter pan a bugs life 5 Centimeters Per Second aladdin Shrek The Prince of Egypt the cat returns Quest for Camelot Madagascar The Secret of NIMH Lilo & Stitch The King and I The Singing Princess free willy ice age  	Grave of the Fireflies the Tale of The Princess Kaguya Ponyo Tales from Earthsea All Dogs Go to Heaven  The Star of Cottonland born free a Dolphins tale blackfishMadagascarThe Prince of EgyptFlushed AwayBee MovieKung Fu PandaOver the HedgeHow to Train Your Dragon lady and the tramp Memories Legend of Crystania Catnapped! Black BeautyElmer's Adventure: My Father's Dragon My Neighbors the Yamadas Treasure Planet Godzilla Wreck-It Ralph Ghost in Love For Eternal Hearts Pixel Perfect If Only The Sea Prince and the Fire Child Dream Lovers The Warrior and the Wolf Yakshi Faithfully Yours Ghost Mamma The Magic Flute My Girlfriend is a Cyborg Tiramisu Wings of Desire A Matter of Time The Bride with White Hair A Journey Through Fairyland Ringing Bell The Secret World of Arrietty Justin and the Knights of Valour The Nightmare Before Christmas Majocco Shimai no Yoyo to Nene The Garden of Words Children Who Chase Lost Voices The Place Promised in Our Early Days Bayonetta Patema Inverted Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road After School Midnighters Wolf Children
Favorite Games: pokemon mario zelda sonic  dragon quest final fantasy kingdom hearts kirby golden sun pac man megaman pikmin  donkey kong hitman blue dragon Metal Gear Solid Resident Evil  Street Fighter. Devil May Cry Monster Hunter Fire Emblem Kid Icarus lufia Silent Hill Castlevania Suikoden Goemon Contra Dance Dance Revolution Tomb Raider Bubble Bobble Cooking Mama Space Invaders Mother Animal Crossing Harvest Moon Princess Debut star fox sakura wars Puyo Puyo Yakuza Phantasy Star Shining mortal kombat F-Zero Wii Sports spyro crash bandicoot viva pinta Nintendogs  The Battle of Olympus, Code of Princess Advance Wars Bushido Blade Battle Arena Battle Arena Double Dragon Bayonetta james bond doom duke nukem perfect dark tetris assassin's creed Rolling Thunder The Tower of Druaga Dragon Slayer Galaxian Wonder Momo Märchen Maze Quester Libble Rabble Winning Run Burning Force Golly! Ghost Knuckle Heads Solvalou Xevious Tinkle Pit The Outfoxies King & Balloon Kaitei Takara Sagashi Gee Bee Navarone Mappy Genpei Tōma Den Mirai Ninja Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle World Stadium Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bōken Numan Athletics QuickSpot Trioncube Great Greed Mr. Driller Romancing SaGa Heroes of Mana King's Knight Treasure Hunter G Vagrant Story 

Favorite anime cardcaptor sakura sailor moon tokyo mew mew inuyasha pokemon fruits basket air ashita no nadja shugo chara mermaid melody clannad kanon angel beats full moon wo sagashite kamichma karin wedding peach jewel pet ouran high school host club princess tutu gakuen alice kodocha skip beat kare kano ranma Vampire Knight Yumeiro Patissiere Kirarin Revolution Kimi ni Todoke Mamotte! Lollipop Fushigi Yûgi Kero Kero Chime Kodocha The Rose of Versailles Ojamajo Doremi Itazura na Kiss Princess Knight peach girl Special A Descendants of Darkness candy candy Maid Sama! Alpen Rose glass mask Violinist of Hameln sugar sugar rune The Story of Saiunkoku Magic Knight Rayearth Mirmo! Marmalade Boy Chobits Prétear Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Kobato. xxxHolic Clamp School Detectives Angelic LayerX/1999, Sugar SoldierNatsume's Book of FriendsNurse Angel Ririka SOS Romeo Juliet Urusei YatsuraMaison IkkokuWinter Garden Shoukoujo Sara Kaitou Saint Tail Kaikan Phrase Legend of Basara Piano The Story of CinderellaSentimental JourneyStar of the SeineTokimeki TonightMitsu x Mitsu DropsLegend of BasaraHello! SandybellEight Clouds RisingDaa! Daa! Daa!Ace wo Nerae!Akage no AnneBaby LoveAnimal YokochouCarol: A Day In A Girl's LifeHana no Ko LunlunGood Morning CallGokinjo MonogatariLady GeorgieKoko wa Green WoodMahou no ChocolateMahou no Angel Sweet MintShoukoushi CedieAttacker You!Attack No.1Ace wo Nerae! rurouni kenshinNanatsuiro DropsOne Piece Hunter Hunter A Little Snow Fairy Sugar please teacher kimba the white lion 

Favorite music nana mizuki my fav singer  yui horie ritsuko okazaki sakura tangle  aya hirino LIA megumi hayashibara maaya sakamoto taylor swift miley cyrus Crystal Kay Sayuri Iwata Rica Matsumoto Mayumi Iizuka Kana Ueda Ayumi Hamasaki Hikaru Utada Yuki Goto pink Namie Amuro Christina Aguilera Cascada Céline Dion Whitney Houston Kelly Clarkson mariah carey Katy Perry Donna Summer Alanis Morissette Tori Amos Demi Lovato Madonna Selena Gomez Miranda Cosgrove Britney Spears Faith Hill Lady Antebellum Michael Jackson Elvis Presley  the beeatles Mandy Moore Evanescence Avril Lavigne Metallica AC/DC Rammstein Slipknot Megumi Hinata Saki Nakajima Elisa crush 40 Lena Fujii Maon Kurosaki Rie fu Satomi Takasugi Ayano Tsuji Kishō TaniyamaPhongchiChisato OkaiMayo OkamotoSara TakatsukiIzumi SakaiLuna TakamuraTomohisa YamashitaAyaka NishiwakiMiwako OkudaJunichi OkadaNagi YanagiGacktYou KikkawaYuya MatsushitaAramaryMeisa KurokiMisiaMasaaki EndohTak MatsumotoIrori MaedaNao Watanabe Sister MAYO,Tadayoshi OkuraMayu WatanabeDJ OzmaAya Sugimoto Akiko Yoshida Dohzi-TChocolatYuri ChinenMaiha IshimuraKumi Koda Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Bonnie Pink,Thelma AoyamaAlisa MizukiValsheKeiko FujiOlivia LufkinAina Hashimoto Chara Jasmine Willie Nelson Kyoko Fukada

 Favorite books harry potter the last unicorn the notebook warriors the hunger games percy jackson A Song of Ice and Fire charlotte's web inkheart The Chronicles of Narnia  The Kingkiller Chronicle‎ Xanth The Twelve Kingdoms  The Sword of Truth  Dragon Prince Dragonlance Spellsinger  Artemis Fowl  Vampire Academy  Forgotten Realms  Nightrunner Dune  The Land of Elyon‎  Prince of Nothing‎  The Dark Tower  Magic Kingdom of Landover‎  Emelanese  The Anybodies  Time Quartet  Tortallan  Shannara  Temeraire Troubletwisters  Tarzan‎ Earthsea  Martian  The Chronicles of Amber Professor Challenger‎  Deverry Cycle  Guardians of Ga'Hoole‎  The Pendragon Adventure Empire The Ancient Future Gossip Girl a walk to remember Song of the Sparrow Zabibah and the King Green Sky The Iron Tower The Firebringer My Father's Dragon Sea Princesses Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Journey to the West Ringing Bell The Borrowers A Certain Magical Index Haruhi Suzumiya DurararaDragonar Academy Momo Kyun Sword Book Girl Heaven's Memo Pad Kokoro Connect Asura Cryin The Legend of the Legendary Heroes The Princess and the Pilot The Pet Girl of Sakurasou The Story of Saiunkoku Outbreak Company The Pilot's Love Song Strawberry Panic Scrapped Princess High School DxD Rune Soldier InukamiLove, Chunibyo & Other Delusions The Wild Geese UtsunoMiko The Weathering Continent Brave Story The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Thirst for Love A Certain Woman Crest of the Stars Forbidden Colors From the New World Moribito Boogiepop Psychic Detective Yakumo Teito Monogatari Snow Country The Crimson Labyrinth The Dagger of Kamui The Twilight Years The Doctor's Wife Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage Kaze no Bushi Season of the Sun
Favorite shows my little pony Avatar: The Last Airbender Scooby-Doo Teen Titans winx club Code Lyoko SpongeBob  the powerpuff girls dragon tales  sofia the first once upon a time Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Regular Show W.I.T.C.H.  courage the cowardly dog dexters lab fairly odd parents danny phantom adventure time sagwa recess gargoyles CatDog ed edd n eddy yogi bear flintstones kim possible American Dragon: Jake Long Ren & Stimp Hey Arnold! The Angry Beavers Aaahh!!! Real Monsters TaleSpin Tom & Jerry Princess Sissi Rugrats Animaniacs ducktales Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Looney Tunes Dink, the Little Dinosaur Family Guy South Park Freakazoid! Free Willy Futurama Rocko's Modern Life Supernatural Littlest Pet Shop Dragon's Lair The Magic School Bus The Legend of Prince Valiant Double Dragon Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders DuckTales King of the HillJay Jay the Jet PlaneExtreme Ghostbusters Family Dog Peter Pan & the PiratesThomas The Tank Engine Beavis and Butt-headSonic the HedgehogThe Terrible Thunderlizards Pepper Ann Johnny BravoMythic WarriorArthurAlvin and the ChipmunksDoug Beetlejuice I Am Weasel Adventures from the Book of Virtues The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda Godzilla Goof Troop Mummies Alive Histeria Raw Toonage Rupert Sky DancersThe BoondocksThe JetsonsDenver, the Last Dinosaur Dinosaucers Moondreamers The Legend of Zelda Dungeons & Dragons Heathcliff Paw Paw ThunderCats Beverly Hills Teens Totally Spies Sea Princesses Xiaolin Showdown Kappa Mikey Chaotic Pucca Jem and the Holograms, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sex and the City  
Favorite manga cardcaptor sakura kitchen princess inuyasha full moon wo sagashite gakuen alice shugo chara fruits basket sailor moon pixie pop tokyo mew mew ranma skip beat ouran high school host club kamichama karin kare kano Kilala Princess Vampire Knight Tsubasa: Those with Wings Kimi ni Todoke Mamotte! Lollipop beauty pop Fushigi Yûgi Absolute Boyfriend D.N.Angel The Rose of Versailles Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Itazura na Kiss peach girl Special A Maid Sama! Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura Hot Gimmick Alice 19th Alpen Rose candy candy glass mask Crest of the Royal Family hana yori dango Hoshi wa Utau Chobits nana Swan Violinist of Hameln The Story of Saiunkoku Magic Knight Rayearth Time Stranger Kyoko UFO baby Mirmo! Marmalade Boy Kare First Love  Clover Kobato. Angelic Layer xxxHolic Miyuki-chan in Wonderland The One I Love Tokyo Babylon Clamp School DetectivesMagic Knight Rayearth Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleSuki: A Like Story RG Veda Gate 7 X/1999, Legend of Chun Hyang Romance of Darkness Pearl Pink Please Save My EarthKoi Cupid St. Dragon Girl Tail of the MoonTwo Flowers for the DragonVenus in LoveSugar SoldierSensual PhraseShinobi LifeStepping on RosesThe Star of CottonlandNatsume's Book of FriendsKaguyahimeLudwig KakumeiParfait Tic Hiyokoi Mars Mugen SpiralCharisma DollBarefoot WaltzBackstage PrinceDawn of the ArcanaFamily ComplexCat StreetHoney Bunny Romeo Juliet Our Miracle Urusei YatsuraMaison Ikkoku Rin-nePhantom Dream Lisette and Witch's Forest short-Tempered Melancholic Mistress Fortune 
 Favorite fariy tales the little mermaid snow white sleeping beauty cinderella beauty and the beast rapunzel thumbelina the snow queen The Princess and the Pea The Ugly Duckling The Garden of Paradise The Angel "The Goblin and the Grocer The Story of a Mother "The Frog Prince "Hansel and Gretel The Twelve Brothers Mary's Child The Riddle The Wonderful Musician Cat and Mouse in Partnership Brother and Sister The Valiant Little Tailor The Blue Light The Glass Coffin The Twelve Dancing Princesses Sweet Porridge The Queen Bee The Golden Bird Frederick and Catherine The Tale of Tsar Saltan The Magic Swan Geese The Princess Mayblossom The Story of the Queen of the Flowery Isles Princess Belle-Etoile Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess, Fairy Gifts The Little Green Frog The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter The Dream of Akinosuke The Fountain of Youth Issun-bōshi My Lord Bag of Rice The Husband of the Rat's Daughter Hanasaka Jiisan The Cat's Elopement The Water Mother Ye Xian Beauty and Pock Face The Wolf of Zhongshan The Fox Sister Janghwa Hongryeon jeon The Story of Tấm and Cám Trương Ba's Soul, Butcher's Body The Hundred-knot Bamboo Tree The Snake Prince Diamond Cut Diamond The Silent Princess Madschun The Boy Who Found Fear At Last Jackal or Tiger Rhodopis Prince Hat under the Ground The Bird 'Grip The Glass Mountain The Ill-Fated Princess The Sleeping Prince The Twelve Months Donkeyskin Almondseed and Almondella Anthousa, Xanthousa, Chrisomalousa The Princess Who Never Smiled The Firebird and Princess Vasilisa Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf The White Duck The Golden Slipper Foolish Emilyan and the Talking Fish Father Frost The Feather of Finist the Falcon Vasilisa the Beautiful The Lute Player The Hairy Man The Tale of Peter and Fevronia The Wizard King Aladdin La Ramée and the Phantom The Imp Prince The Enchanted Canary The Lost Children The White Dove Starlight The Dirty Shepherdess Georgic and Merlin The Flower Queen's Daughter The Boys with the Golden Stars A String of Pearls Twined with Golden Prâslea the Brave and the Golden Apples The Bay-Tree Maiden Little Wildrose The Rose-Tree The Buried Moon Fairy Ointment Jack and the Beanstalk The Three Heads in the Well Sun, Moon, and Talia 

 things i love anime manga video games asian stuff japan cartoons disney fantasy history royalty orcas the romanovs god girly things adventure art medieval times basketball reading music mythology science china korea laos vietnam singpore philippines thailand malaysia european stuff poland germany russia italy france greece denmark sweden romania ireland scotland sweden finland bulgaria egypt brazil canada mermaids dragons fruits unicorns flowers rainbows pink purple makeup jewelry purfume shopping fashion dresses glitter cute stuff dolls hello kitty fairies hearts romance shoes cats frogs swans animals lions tigers the sea  sharks fish seahorses bugs reptiles dinosaurs danceing singing ballad fairy tales nintendo dolphins old stuff rare stuff fancy stuff candy wolfs dalmatians pandas math manatees giraffes africa blue bowling butterflies magic most sports helping animals makeing friends learning new stuff faberge eggs dogs birds computer seals penguins polar bears movies elephants drawing the mail cake prehistoric times crabs jokes mice blue jays Peafowls pertty stuff virginia tennessee washington nature mountains turtles jaguars cheetahs whales belugas jellyfish seahorses horses apes mice alligators caterpillars freedom fall spring lighting bamboo raceing        
im kind gentle funny selfless shy brave friendly headstrong mischievous impish strong willed adventurous confident playful smart curious spirited 
fav color pink fav flower rose fav animal orca fav mythical creature mermaid religion christian im a girl bday is july 27 about me i try to keep real life info off online but i have a huge obsession with orcas they belong in sea not in a tank if captivity was better for them then why do most orcas die in there teens or 20s in the wild males can live up to 60 to 70 years old and females can live up to 80 to 100 years old orcas are incredibly smart social sensitive beings orcas swim over 100 miles a day in the wild all marine parks such as seaworld suck get that to your heads and watch blackfish that proves it and keikos realease was a success i also have a huge huge obsesion with anime manga video games japan asia the romanovs history royalty fantasy the sea fish mermaids disney cartoons nintendo russia medieval times girly things adventure animals fairy tales dalmatians lions hello kitty dolphins animals whales belugas faberge eggs mythology science art  unicorns fairies tigers dinosaurs freedom  sharks butterflies pandas fruits frogs music singing basketball cats european stuff swans computer blue jays ducks  Peafowls lizards fancy stuff rainbows flowers shopping pink blue purple purfume jewelry dressses cute stuff glitter fashion theres more that im not going to list we all like different things if you dont like the same stuff i do thats fine some things however like seaworld sucking is a fact my fav orca is keiko my fav game is ocarina of time my fav movie is anastasia my fav singer is nana mizuki my fav country is japan i dispise animal abuse animal testing captivity with some exceptions marine parks circuses hunting fishing using animals for entertainment factory farms whaling shark finning and zoos in a lot of ways but like then in some ways poachers people who destroy or who support destroying animals homes all these things i listed are beyond abysmal i have scientific proof why if you want to know why ask me and i hate the people who thank sharks ARE mindless killers there not blame jaws  

im also the number one anastasia fan EVER i have over 1000 reasons why im also a number one ariel fan but nowhere near as much as anastasia i thank anastasia is the best princess ever and always will be you shoud look her up  
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I'm the Official #1 Biggest Fan of anastasia and ariel !  

i love the old world more then the modern one  
and japan is my all time fav country always will be 
the world is not just for humans its for other animals as well humans are animals to i despise when humans say there not animals and thank they can do what ever we want we are the reason why many animals are endangered or near it we are the reason why many animals are extinct we are the reasons why many animals have threats or near it we shoud stop destroying stop going on boats all the time cetaceans are very sensetive to noise reducing pollution for the most part stop adding thrash to the land where animals are animals homes marine parks circuses captivity unless its to save them homes food animal testing hunting fishing whaleing shark finning and killing animals for food just cause it tastes good only eat animals if you have no other choice people say if we are animals then we shoud kill other animals for food to other animals do that all the time well these animals have no choice they cant eat plants fruits etc we can where eating meat by choice we mostly eat meat because it tastes good not because we need to live and before you say god said we can eat meat well i have proof he said to eat fruits nuts etc it will be at the end of this rant and before you say if we stop eating meat the animals will still die it most stop people from killing them well the people who kill the animals get money for people buying them the more people buy them the longer they will keep killing then animals whats the point of killing them if you wont get any money it may not stop them from killing the animals entirely but it will for the most part and slowly it may stop for good and many plants are endangred or near it once again this is humans doing this to the plants to we shoud stop polluting the waters land or sky i know many people are going to hate me for this but i dont care i dont mean harm but i hope you see one day im right on all of this and it was the right thing to say proof god said to eat non meat stuff

He that killeth an ox is as he that slayeth a man." - Isaiah 66:3

"And I, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you; and with every living creature that is with you, the birds, the cattle, and every beast of the earth with you. Of all that go out of the ark, even every beast of the earth. And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of the flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth." - Genesis 9:9-11

"For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. " - Ecclesiastes 3:19

you people say i made this up look up this stuff you will see im 100% right there is a lot more food we can eat then just meat 


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DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 1 day
LOL I know right? anywayz Idk much bout Sonic so I wouldn`t know
but yeah Narutoz fanbase is bad & thatz how I feel about NaruHina
they were JUST FRIENDZ Hinata had a crush on him it wasn`t anything
2 take seriously but fanz didn`t c it that way ooo she saved Naruto
from Pain Umm like NOO if anything she made it worse he could have 
died because of her YaKnowz?

DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 3 days
N my opinion I think thatz y he sayz her more like Sasuke now & not Naruto because of what happened with his wife & him cuz 
n previous yearz he use 2 say he saw himself as Naruto I just find that 2 be funny when people talk about how cannon NaruHina is but that he just threw Sakura with Sasuke..

DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 3 days
With her saying she felt he was cheating on her because of Sakura being based off of her & her questioning him asking him if he had someone else on the side cuz
of him choosing Hinata over Sakura which is honestly mind blowing huhz? I mean the fandom has just gotten bad when it comes 2 Naruto & I alwayz thought the shipping warz with InuKag & InuKik were bad honestly Naruto anime takez the cake..

DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 3 days
& far as makerz goz did u know Kishimotoz wife was threatened cuz of Sakura
being based off of her? there was a whole artical about it after the Last came out but was l8ter taken down but Hinata fanz will tell u the other way around but it was cuz of all the HATE his wife was getting,she was said 2 also be a huge Sakura fan who also moaned over 
Naruto not getting with Sakura the artical said she almost left Kishimoto over it 

DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 3 days
on the battle field least n my eyez it is so I don`t get y the label her as Useless 
I'm like what where when has she ever been expectation when before she cut her hair
since then she has proved herself least I think so anywayz,I mean what do u 
think about it? 

DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 3 days
while Naruto fought Neji not 2 mention Sakura has also Healed Naruto Sasuke 
Hinata & well as being able 2 fight Sakura earned her place she trained so hard 
2 get 2 where shez at being able 2 heal is a big plus while being able 2 fight 

DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 3 days
alot of Anime girlz punch the main guy itz 
only a funny moment n a cartoon that can`t even hurt Naruto hez been through much worse than Sakuraz punchez I just find it funny how her HATERZ put her out 2 be & just cuz u can`t c a charcterz boobz dose
not mean there useless & can`t fight I mean we barely c Hinata win any fightz & honestly if not 4 Kabuto Hinata would have died by Neji when she was younger he used his reanimion jutsu on her when she had passed out 

DannyMyAngelL... dit:

Il y a 3 days
U know not saying u shouldn`t like her but I find it alittle strange how ur still able 2 like Hinata cuz of how her fanz r
clearly they make her out 2 be God even though shez not & as well as making her oversexualized n picz & even n cosplay just as alot of fanz HATE on Sakura cuz her boobz r smaller which is so stupid YaKnowz? like seriously & also the point of her comedy releaf punching Naruto
momentz which is silly 

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