im leaving

Im leaving blingee everyone because everyone is being mean to me and starting fights and talking to other people about me so bye! and my bffs are never on and i miss them


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AshleyTisdale... dit:

Il y a 3837 jours
Hey, I don't know if you ever get on here anymore.  But Hi!!!!!!!!!  I remember you, you were on my comments page!  We were like good friends, right?  Well if you ever get on again and see this, say hi!

Lorenia3 dit:

Il y a 4625 jours
If you love ♥♥ HSM ♥♥ join my group ღღ

PinkyBecky dit:

Il y a 4638 jours
you don't have to leave.  I'm not mean to u.

LUA119 dit:

Il y a 4667 jours

mine blog
commnt ok?

bye xoxo


fashion-emi dit:

Il y a 4707 jours join in this group of miley cyrus please! kiss!

miryroma dit:

Il y a 4721 jours
                        єккσ ιℓ ℓιик: 

                      ♥тι.αѕρєттιαмσ ♥ 

mileycn dit:

Il y a 4736 jours
hey! watz up? i love your blingeez, and profile! pleez join my group. my group link is:


and pleez don't leave! we're all sooo sorry!

kmanprt2 dit:

Il y a 4739 jours
dont leave please dont leave

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