I like grilled cheese

Lets see I grew up in Aurora, Nebraska and loved it I miss it so much. Someday i'll move back there to start my family. I have two brothers and two sisters no matter what Veronica says, they gave me 8 great nieces and nephews I love them all the same. My family put's the Osbourne's to shame there's always drama. Right now I live in Lakewood, Colorado with my boyfriend Will and younger sister Candy. Candy moved in after my mom passed away. My mom died of Ovarian Cancer on June 30th of 2006. I miss her so much someday too much. 


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ton00 dit:

Il y a 5095 jours
Hello ! is a cat stupid ?? Nooooo !!

aldana19 dit:

Il y a 5459 jours
I love your blingees!

Well      bye!

Candiilyicious2 dit:

Il y a 5754 jours
Hey i love yo blingees!!
Get bak at mines.
add me on myspace..it www.myspace.com/candylicious14

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