who is Doctor, Congressman Ron Paul :) read me

who is Doctor, Congressman Ron Paul :)  read me
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Legislation............Paul authors more bills than the average representative, such as those that impose term limits, or abolish the income tax or the Federal Reserve; many do not escape committee review. He has written successful legislation to prevent eminent domain seizure of a church in New York, and a bill transferring ownership of the Lake Texana dam project from the federal government to Texas. By amending other legislation, he has barred funding for national identification numbers, funding for federal teacher certification,[9] International Criminal Court jurisdiction over the U.S. military, American participation in any U.N. global tax, and surveillance on peaceful First Amendment activities by citizens.[74]........In March 2001, Paul introduced a bill to repeal the 1973 War Powers Resolution and reinstate the process of formal declaration of war by Congress.[75] Later in 2001, Paul voted to authorize the president, pursuant to WPR, to respond to those responsible for the September 11, 2001, attacks.[76] He also introduced Sunlight Rule legislation, which requires lawmakers to take enough time to read bills before voting on them,(after the Patriot Act was passed within 24 hours of its introduction). Paul was one of six Republicans to vote against the Iraq War Resolution, and sponsored a resolution to repeal the war authorization in February 2003. Paul's speech, 35 "Questions That Won't Be Asked About Iraq",[78] was translated and published in German, French, Russian, Italian, and Swiss periodicals before the Iraq War began.[69]....He has written 7 books......Paul says his fellow members of Congress have increased government spending by 75 percent during George W. Bush's administration.[79] After a 2005 bill was touted as "slashing" government waste, Paul wrote that it decreased spending by a fraction of one percent and that "Congress couldn't slash spending if the members' lives depended on it."[80] He said that in three years he had voted against more than 700 bills intended to expand government.[81]............Paul has introduced several bills to apply tax credits toward education, including credits for parental spending on public, private, or home-school students (Family Education Freedom Act); for salaries for all K–12 teachers, librarians, counselors, and other school personnel; and for donations to scholarships or to benefit academics (Education Improvement Tax Cut Act).[82] In accord with his political positions, he has also introduced the Sanctity of Life Act, the We the People Act, and the American Freedom Agenda Act.[83].......and this is the beginning... WWW.CAMPAIGNFORLIBERTY.ORG is the website for ron paul.
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