One of Kidd-kun's best expressions! :D with Fanfic! vvv

One of Kidd-kun's best expressions! :D with Fanfic! vvv
Black*Star: Just think! im gonna get alotta glory & FAM if i get that sword! Kidd: Mhm.. must be a beautiful symmetrical sword...<3 Yuuki: *opens library door* WHAT sword? B*S: Y-YUUKI! NOISY MUCH!? Yuuki: Sorry B*S.. *peeks at book* :3 wooow! *u* looks neat! *looks around with dramatic face & all the mess in the library* WHAT IS THIS!? DONT U GUYS KNOW HOW TA BE CLEAN!? *cleaning books & putting them back to the selfs quickly* DTK: Well then, im going to find EXCALIBUR! Yuuki: *scoffs* good luck! i bet at the end of the book excalibur dies! >;3 B*S: ...O_O No! Kidd: Stop that Yuuki! its not funny anymore! T_T...'' i'll be back *kisses her cheek* B*S: XD have fun cleaning! Yuuki: *sighs* *throws book & B*S's face* FACEBOOK :D B*S: @.@ ----------------------------------------------- *After Kidd visited Excalibur, but u know, hates him now* Kidd: *takes that big heart flower thing from excalibur out of the school bluiding* urgh! Yuuki: Need help? *behind him* Kidd: *turns around* ...n-no im fine. Yuuki: C'mon now :3 *helps him with it then falls on him* *blushes* >:3 oh... im sorry *giggles* Kidd: *blushes & rolls eyes unamused* Yuuki: *gets up* Aw, cheer up Kidd! atleast u made a new friend *laughing* Kidd: Shut up -///-. hes not my friend! just a immature annoying twat! Yuuki: Well, dont need to be so harsh Kiddo. He was nice to you Kidd: Yeah, inturrupting me everychance he gets. Yuuki: *sits next to him on the big heart excalibur thing on floor* *pats his back* Well no biggie, your not seeing him anymore~ Kidd: GOOD. Yuuki: ...Kidd, you dont think im annoying.. do you? Kidd: *rolls eyes & puts hand out for her* Yuuki: ?.. Kidd: Give me your hand love Yuuki: *blushes* *puts hand on his hand* Kidd: *kisses it sweetly* If i thought u were annoying, i would of broke up with you already. Yuuki: *smiles & looks away* Kidd: *scratches head* Liz: KIDD, YUUKI! COME HERE ALREADY YOU LITTLE---- Kidd: *gets up & pulls Yuuki up from sitting on the ground* Coming! Yuuki: S-Same! x3
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