:.:~.:.:.~:.:.~Love At a deadly moment:.:.:.:~:.:.:.~

:.:~.:.:.~:.:.~Love At a deadly moment:.:.:.:~:.:.:.~
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Kyle: *gets knocked down by a zombie & drops Chainsaw* Gahhh! *falls on bloody snow scared to death* S-Stan help! Cartman, ANYBODY!! Stan & Cartman: *too far away fighting zombies* Kyle: *covers face& screams while zombie is gonna eat him* Vivi: *uses broom connected to Shotgun w/ cat on shoulder & shoots zombie* Zombie: *freezes* Kyle: *crawls away rapidly & panics abit shocked* Vivi: *shows her face over the shadows* You ok? *sticks hand out for him to grab* You better not be infected!!!! Kyle: Gah! *is pointed with broom* Im honest to GOD im not! *sweating* i swear!! Vivi: ..Ok. *puts away & pets cat* Kyle: ...Who are you? & isnt that Cartma---s Vivi: It is, im his adopted cousin Vivi,I came to visit on Holloween.. my parents wanted me to trick or treat with him -.-' Kitty: *purs* Vivi: *wink* Im famous ya know~ Kyle: A zombie slayer!? cause we just had a breakout right now!! Vivi: ...No just everyone knows the FAMOUS Vivi! *Laughs* *then frowns* meh... so, who are you zombie killer? Kyle: =-=... Please dont call me that Vivi: *rolls eyes* Kyle: My name is Kyle, Kyle Broflovski, please call me Kyle *grabs Chainsaw* Vivi: Nice Chainsaw! *yawn* listen, we dont have time to chat... o.o' your friends..they are getting.. hurt over there! *squints eyes* i think! Kyle: Ok! lets go over there Vivi! i can't let them get hurt! maybe fatass but not Stan! Vivi: Fatass?... *laughs secretly* I can't let Cartman die Broflovski. Lets go save them both Kyle: i know, i was kidding *does pose on rendered picture* Alright, lets team up & show these zombies whos boss then! By the way, told you to call me Kyle NOT by my last name! Vivi: *walking* Just hurry..~ & i'll call you whatever i want~ Kyle: Urgh!.. Ah! *Hits zombies with Chainsaw* W-Wait up! gahh! *runs after her panicing* Vivi: Ep! *runs faster & shoots zombies with gun* Stan: K-KYLE! glad you're alive dude!!! *high fives him* Kyle: Thats Stan! oh dude, this is Vivi Cartman's cousin! Vivi: ADOPTED! *shoots upcoming zombie with shotgun broom & pokes one with broom to make sure its dead* Hehe this is fun~ ok no more games! Cartman: EY! LET GO OF MY CAT! & GET BACK INSIDE AFTER WE BEAT THE ZOMBIES & MAKE MEH DINNER! Vivi: URRGH -.-'' Kyle: STFU CARTMAN!! -.-'' *kills more zombies then kills Kenny* Im sorry Kenny.. ima bastard! T_T *breathing hard* Vivi & Stan: ...Hi... weird way to meet... .-. Vivi: Erm... sorry about your friend.. *glup* now what? Kyle: ...i dont know...That was awesome how you defeated those zombies though o.o Vivi: *heart skips a beat* Thanks... Kyle: *heart skips a beat* Your definately welcome!! >.<'' (God i just MET her & my heart skipped a beat!? what the hell!?.. must be her looks..) Stan: Can we go rest on the couch? im tired! :( Cartman: Yeh! love-birds! Vivi: *throws broom @ Cartman* Cartman: F**ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OWWEH... Vivi: I gotta go... taxi is waiting for me! this place is insane! Kyle: Pff, you need to know it more! *sigh* *Vivi made a cameo in episode 1, but soon came to stay in South Park somewhere around the middle or late of season 1 or 2. She made more appearences in season 6 5 4 and 8 Kyle & Vivi started dating near the end of season 8 ^^*
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