My First Slumber Party In South Park :] *Fanfic w/ Me & Vivi :D*

My First Slumber Party In South Park :] *Fanfic w/ Me & Vivi :D*
-Before I start im gonna say this that im putting this Fanfic on RP. ^^ & that this is when i was in 4th grade w/ all the sp girls k? Enjoy.- Me: For my first Slumber Party, it wasn't that my mother drived me back home to the house, watching as the others waved bye to me even though i never wanted to go..i started to cry alittle. I was having such a goodtime. Although i know summer break ends soon & my mother wanted me to go to sleep earlier for now on. But i really wanted to stay more, this was my first slumber party..who knows when i'll witness it again. I just hope i am there friends for the rest of the school-year to middle school, & high school. Heres what went on in that slumber party... -- Me: *Enters in room w/ stuff needed for a slumber party & has a hard time putting it all in* D-Dammit...maybe i shouldn't of packed so much stuff.. a-ah! *drops on floor w/ stuff* Vivi: Theresa?! you ok? Me: (Vivi?...Why would she be here? shes not really into this stuff.. atleast i thought.) Vivi? why are you here? *stutter* I-I mean, you CAN be here its just..well..i thought you wouldn't be here it seems like you're the kinda girl who would like..*says quietly* Vivi: My mom & Cartman's mom forced me so i can get even more friends, i have enouugh already though. Me: sure you'll make tons of friends! unless you're already friebds with them.. i-its my first Slumber Party so i might make new friends.. hehe ^^' Vivi: Oh, you aren't embarrass? Me: What's to be embarrass about? Vivi: This having to be your first slumber party Me: Not really, its nice having your first of something, like having your first being invited to a birthday party ^^ Vivi: True :3 alright, so who else was invited? Me: Not sure..whos house is this again? Vivi: Wendy's, she said we are gonna have a sleepover in her study room, its her biggest room she has. Me: Awesome ^///^ Wendy: Hey you two! glad you came. Hi Theresa :) your first slumber party, right? Me: Y-Yes ^^' Wendy: It'll be fun, let me put some fun music on & we'll start with games *turns on music & gets some games out* Girls: *Giggling & talking* Me: *Looks around* Vivi: So whats the first game? Bebe: Lets gossip! or lets play truth or dare!! i wish there was boys here, then we can play spin the bottle!! Wendy: No way now you're acting like Fran! but, i do like T or D, lets play that Vivi: Glad Fran didn't make it thats for sure Bebe: She would only come if boys are here Annie (Random girl): I hope she doesn't think we are lesbos.. Red: Ew Annie! you are a werido for even thinking that! Me: (Well that was mean..) *fake giggle w/ the other girls* Vivi: *Giggles* I don't feel like playing, i'll just play my DS till we play other games. Me: Aww Vivi please!! we NEED you to play! or it probably won't be amuseing! Vivi: *.* oh no! you're not tricking me! Bebe: ..Chicken >w> Vivi: K im playing -_- *Girls giggle* Wendy: Me first, Truth or Dare Vi! Vivi: Dare >:3 Wendy: Dare ou to tell us if you like like Kyle!! Vivi: O//O NO THATS A TRUTH NOT A DARE! Girls: *Giggle* Still a dare no matter what! Vivi: -///- If u tell Kyle im gonna get REALLY mad @ you guys >.> Girls: Promise we won't tell! Me: *Smiling* Bebe: Well?.. ok, to make you feel better, my crush is Clyde Donovan Me: (I remember kissing him before..just to fill the place where I wanted Kenny's heart to intertwine with mine..never had feelings for Clyde.) Girls: Oooh Bebe! xD Red: I like Craig Tucker~! he is such a bad boy~ Girls: Dreamy right? lol! Lily (Random Girl): Does anyone have a crush on Kenny Mcormick? idk how you can have a crush on him i mean, with that jacket covering his face its totally impossable to tell if he is ugly or not! Me: Looks don't matter! its personality that counts! Girls: o-o... you like Kenny obviously~! xD why else would u defend him? :3 Me: >///>' Wendy: Ok, ok, back to Vivi Vivi: *Sigh* ..Yes. I do like him. In fact, i had alittle moment with him yesturday Bebe: Like what? Vivi: Gave me a gift Girls: OOOOOOOOH Bebe: What gift? Vivi: A mood ring *shows* Wendy: *Puts Mood Ring by Relient K on* haha :3 he obviously likes you then. Vivi: H-Huh? really? Me: I love this song! & thats cute ^^ Wendy: Yeah me too, & Depends, friendly-gift or nervous abit, & blushing, and gave it to you? Vivi: Sounded like a Friendly-gift to me :\ but..i did she him blush a light shade of red..but im not sure, maybe that was the sun Bebe: It wasn't the sun..we don't get THAT hot days out o_o Girls: hehehehe ;3 Me: I think Kyle hides his feelings for you very well, i don't think anyone knows he has a crush on you ^^ Vivi: You sure know alot about this stuff.. Wendy's Dad: Here girls i bought you up some snacks. Now listen up though this is importiant. While in my house i don't want ppl getting high, or taking drugs, OR DRINKING!! MOST OF ALL: NO BOYS. Wendy: Ugh dad! i told you its an all girls party! Vivi: *Blushing a red shade* Boys would make the party interesting though with how they act, or react to girl things Me: *Cheeky smile w/ light pink blushes* I'd love to see a guy in here wanting a makeover! hahaha :3 Bebe: That would mean he is gay! Girls: xD Wendy's dad: I'll pretend tht was 'Gay' as happy ._.' *leaves* Me: *Laughs even more with the rest of the girls* Vivi: Alright, Theresa, truth or dare? Me: Um.. Truth. Vivi: Umm..Is it true you wanna have sex with Kenny? Me: When im 18 yes >////> Girls: OOOH XD Bebe: If we are still friends when you're 18, tell me all about it babeh! Girls: *giggle* *As the rest play Truth or Dare, they then play board games, video games, & just pig out on snacks* Me: Yes! i won! Red: Dammit, you're good @ video games! nerd xP Me: >//<' thanks Red ^^' *Walks over to the snack place & eats some cake* Vivi: Theresa! c'mon lets sing a song together ^___^ Wendy: Me & the girls will dance to it ^///^ Me: O-Oh im not not good at singing that much., Vivi: *Grabs me arm & gives me a mic* Just for fun :) .. hmmm.. oh this song we will sing! *puts it on ipod & music starts playing* Me: ? Vivi: You'll see ^^ Vivi: *Starts singing L.O.V.E. By Ashlee Simpson* Me: ;O i know this song!! girl power! ^//^ *Starts singing too* Girls: *Some dancing, some clapping hands & laughing* *Later that night* Me: *Dancing* Vivi: Yeah go Theresa!! Girls: Yaay! Cartman: As we all know boys..the girls are having a sleep over. Who knows, they might be doing something like eating boy's souls or something secretly in these ''Sleep Overs'' we must find out the truth! because, none of us do this sleep over girl crap stuff!! Butters: B-But Eric, me & you did-- Cartman: THAT WAS A DIFFERENT KIND OF THING DO NOT SPEAK OF IT! ><' I mean..why do GIRLS have sleepovers? Craig: Probably gossip about us! Kyle: I'm pretty sure Vivi wouldn't gossip, this is stupid lets just all hang out @ the pizza place dudes Stan: I agree Cartman: But Stan!...Wendy gossips..LET US FIND THE TRUTH!!!! Who knows, she might be planning to date another guy soon! Kyle: Aw please! -.- Cartman: YEAH PLEASE STAN. Stan: ..*gulp* ..Fine. But if i get caught, you're gonna get it! Cartman: Lets go men! >x3 *Near window where Wendy's study room is* Cartman: They are...dancing. Kyle: Ha! they are just being girls! lets go! Cartman: Now hold on boys..might be a voodoo dance thing to send zombies after only guys! Vivi: *Sees the boys* ...Girls, look Girls: *Gasp* boys! Me: Kenny o///o Girls: *pull all the guys in* Kyle: O.O Stan: DAMMIT CARTMAN! Cartman: H-HOLD ON! I GOT A PLAN! Vivi: Too late for that... Girls: *giggling* Bebe: Makeover time..>:] Boys: E-E-E-EH.. -- Me: ..After all that fun jazz..We let the boys run home when my mother came to pick me was..really fun. Although i feel bad for the boys, but i'll never 4get that sleepover!
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