Butters ''Leopold'' Scotch <3 (Did i spell his real name right? Lol!)

Butters ''Leopold'' Scotch <3 (Did i spell his real name right? Lol!)
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[I played the SP Boyfriend Game, & to be honest, i caught Butters as my boyfriend in the game before! yeah, i just remembered that xD. To be honest, he's a sweet guy, REALLY cute & just adorable in many ways. His voice is just so funny too. But he gets tricked into stuff too easyly..& abit too naive. I like a guy who isn't really like that. Like, Kyle or Kenny. Maybe even Stan. This info if 'Your Boyfriend Is' I did not make, its from the Game. Link to game: http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/7337332/who-is-your-south-park-boyfriend-not-so-obvious] Your boyfriend is Butters. He is somewhat childish, but very sweet. He has really submissive and friendly personality. He obeys everything he is told to do, and that's why others take advantage from this...but he could always count on you, because you could always protect him for those kind of people. Even thought he may be naive, there's also bit maturity inside him. So, it's like he can protect also you just with words, but even just that's sweet from him, isn't it? Secretivetily, he has his own evil side or alter ego, known as Professor Chaos. He would cause in that form everything bad, but remember that you don't have to worry about it, since he loves you, really. He can do bad things, but if he does, then they are only causing problems for others or then it's doing something good for you. I say, good catch, friend~ X3
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