--I won't let you die <3 //Me & Kenny Fanfic//-Part 1-

--I won't let you die <3 //Me & Kenny Fanfic//-Part 1-
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Theresa is a unique, but somewhat still normal, 10-year-old girl. She loves Video Games, Music, Anime, Etc. & all her friends. Most importiantly she loves Kenny Mccormick, A poor kid who lives in South Park & has nothing to offer Theresa but only love & care, thats all Theresa wanted from him. She hangs out with Kenny almost all the time now adays. Although Theresa had her chances trying to get Kenny to know her feelings, but was too shy to even say it. Same goes with telling her friends about this, which she doesn't have many friends, because of her shyness. Most of her friends she got from one of her best friends Elizabeth Becca Vivi. Shes usually a loner & goes on the computer & really express her emotions out to her other friends. Always talking about Kenny, & her faraway friends encourage her to tell Kenny her true feelings about him. Course Theresa can never do that. All this time Theresa had a chance to do it, but couldn't. She watched as Kenny dated many other girls & Theresa would cry every night knowing he has them. That he holds them, & not her. That he kisses them, but not her. But im not saying Kenny is a bad friend, no. Hes accually a great friend. Always by Theresa's side when shes lonely, upset, mad..etc. Kyle & Stan were there too sure, but not as much as Kenny was for Theresa. Theresa understood Kenny, because before she was a little poor & barly could afford much, watching kids have fun with their toys. Thats until her mother married a rich man & ended up getting pretty much whatever she wants. Her step-father told her to never give this stuff to donation. Theresa hated her step-father, how stubborn & selfish he was. She didn't listen. She is a nice girl, she gave whatever people wanted that she already had & gave it to them. Her step-father onec caught her, & punished her by not giving her supper. She could never go to sleep. Both dreaming about Kenny, & her stomach hurting because she had no food And so she ended up with small bags near her eyes, Making her look weird & it upset her. But anyways, If Kenny broke-up with his GFs. Theresa would be super happy, dance around her room knowing that she might have another chance on getting Kenny. She would dance & sing till her family told her to shut it. Theresa thought maybe she had her chances w/ Kenny, they have alot in common & both have a power that holds inside them. Theresa can tell the future, & everytime she sees it she would save Kenny. Kenny, on the other hand, Is immortal. Meaning he cannot die. Theresa counts Kenny's deaths, sometimes she misses them not being able to save him, & cry her eyes out when she hears about Kenny dieing. She would be at his funeral each time & give his favorite flower & place it on his grave. Theresa & Vivi are the only ones who remember his deaths. Except Vivi is curious how Kenny keeps coming back alive, when Theresa knows. Theresa was told by God that she has to be a guardian angel to Kenny onec she first met him as Pen-Pals. Theresa agreed to this, God's offer was that one day, Theresa's life will turn around & get better. Theresa also did this to help Kenny out, sense she pityed him. She would always cook things for Kenny's family to eat instead of frozen Waffles & poptarts.
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