Cartman & Vivi[:

Cartman & Vivi[:
I like this recolor >W< I made a song [Parody] Of Vivi's lyrics to Cartman when he ate her candy Vivi was saving for when her diabetes ever clears up ^^ --- [Daddy Ate My Fries Parody - Cartman ate my candies // Vivi's song to Cartman] Cartman, Why are you so mean to me? You are part of my family, even though I was adopted. Cartman, Why are you so mean to me? Why did you take my, wonderful yummy candies? My blood & your blood might not be the same, but come on ignore that & be my best friend~. I can count the times you make fun of me, & all i wanna do is bond with you. Cartman why do you ignore me? When all I wanna be, is be your buddy. But all you wanna do is hate on me. Don't cha know that I love you?, & I only wanna hug you like crazzee. Cartman, Why did you eat my candy? I got them to keep foreverrr~. I know that I have diabetes. But still you ate them, you ate my candies. & I sobbed. But you didn't hear my loud sobs. Cartmaan~, do you even love me? Well mind showing it? Because right now im so clue-less. What kind of cousin eats his cousin's candy? And doesn't even apologize? Cartman there were tears there, if you saw them.. would you even care? =(
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