South Park ; Facebook [S14E04 - You have 0 friends]

South Park ; Facebook [S14E04 - You have 0 friends]
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My comments on the Artist's Work of the picture I've rendered: Wow, I have to say I wish I drew like this. It looks fantastic. I giggled @ Kyle & Cartman's expressions. Dark Stan looks really creepy / cool. Reg. Stan looks hot. Wendy looks funny / cute. My thoughts on this SP episode 'You have 0 friends': I really liked it. It's super funny & a great episode, as always South Park. I'm happy they finally made fun of 'Facebook' I don't like that website. It's funny how they made Kyle addicted to Farmville. I accually hate Farmville. Yet, when Kyle was addicted to that game, it reminded me of me on Blingee alot. Heheheh. Not to mention a tear rolled down my face onec I saw Kyle upset what happened to him on Facebook, I'm not gonna spoil you though. Wendy annoyed me in this episode, In one scene she asked Stan, ''Why didn't you say you were Takened on Facebook? Are you trying to pick up girls on the internet!?'' I wanted to slap her silly (I'm sorry Wendy fans >.<) How dare she think that. Stan weeps over her whenever she breaks up with him & yet she thinks Stan is using her? Like omfg. And does she trust Stan at all? This is why I don't like Stendy THAT much. Cartman's gossip Show was funny, but mean. He made Kyle cry (sorta). When Cartman helped Kyle get more FB friends that was SO funny. I love the Tron rip-off thing SP did there xD I felt bad for Stan though. I reccommend watching this EP. I don't want to spoil the whole EP for you. Oh, & the FB internet world scene is really funny & creative. (My reviews are kinda suckish ^.^')
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