''What would my head by like, without my head on my shoulders, & without your smile?''

''What would my head by like, without my head on my shoulders, & without your smile?''
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''You are the last good thing, about this part of town.'' The first thing I noticed is that it was snowing. I was walking..walking.. just 1 more day till Christmas. Christmas..the worst holiday for me. Nothing good comes for me, just cheap toys of my religion. While everyone else gets to get cool toys or electronics. So what was I gonna do on Christmas Eve morning? well, there's this girl, unique in every way. & she told me she wanted to learn how to play basketball. I love basketball, & I love teaching people how to play, more people who know how to play, more people I can play with. I wasn't gonna spend my day showing off my toy to people, or play it with. Neither was Vivi. She understands how much Christmas Eve sucks for me & Christmas. So, just to be nice, she won't open her one gift. & she said I can play with some of her toys aswell for Christmas, that's, unless a selfish fat kid steals them from her. Anyway, I walked up to the basketball court, noticing a girl in a cute, uniform that is similar to her pink & black stripe Soccer uniform. It was Vivi, hair in one, long braid. She was stretching her arm muscles & legs. ''Hey Vivi!'' I yelled out. She turns around, her hair whiped back & she smiles at me. ''I can't wait to learn how to play basketball, hey, maybe one day I'll even kick your ass at it!'' she said jokingly. ''We'll just see about that.'' I grinned. I grabbed the basketball, guided her thru the game, then told her to take a shot at shooting the ball, in the hoop. Before I went on to tell her to try it, I asked what was up with the outfit. ''Oh, this? Well a friend of mine made it for our game. I thought you would do the same.'' ''V-Vivi I don't take basketball THAT seriously.'' I lied, blushing. ''You sure? Because you decided to be black JUST to play in--'' ''OKAY LET'S GET STARTED!'' I inturrupted. & so she laughed, then shot the ball in the hoop..failed. Well, the way she tossed it looked like something second graders do. I tried not to laugh, I snickered though. Vivi started pouting & blushed heavily. ''H-Hey! that was a professional throw. Don't laugh at me!'' She nodded her head from side to side. I started laughing. ''Here, let me help you.'' Vivi watched as my hands touched hers as I helped her how to hold the ball correctly. Now, it seems like this was casual for me, well no, I was nervous. You see, this girl, I think I'm having feelings for. What!? HER, SHE?! Yes. her. She's smart, yet stupid. Fun, yet serious. Two sides of her I either like, or get annoyed, or find interesting about her. Unique, pretty..& not like other girls. She likes guy stuff more than girl stuff, she loves hanging out with guys, especially me. I thought..all girls were stupid, weird, cootie-filled aliens. Well, I was wrong about some. Vivi is the coolest girl ever, funny & cute. But would I have a chance to be Mr. Vivi? I'm not sure. These emotions are just spinning! I kept my cool on the outside. Somewhat, Vivi was hiding her face, it looked like her head was gonna explode confetti. She is so independent, But, she's allowing me to help her on this one thing. ..W-Why? I shot it. Then, the ball got stuck. I think we were both dumbstruck what to do next. Both hands still touching, close together, & just stareing @ why the ball had to stay stuck. Suddenly.. ''Ill go get it! help me out though, I have a plan.'' Hopefully, a good Vivi plan. She has her crappy ones I admit. She told me to let out my palms, I did. She jumped on my hands & went to get the ball. ''Aah so heavy!'' I said. ''Hold still, I almost..I almost..--AH!.'' I let go. She hanged from the basketball hoop. ''S-Sorry! you had gum on the back of your shoe it was gross!'' It really was, nasty, sticky, germy, Ahh! someone could of stuck it in their ass if they had the chance! Vivi hung. Knocked the ball off, but she couldn't hang on any longer. ''Eep!'' Slipping off, I had to think of something, quick! She fell. I slid on the floor, getting my outfit dirty. I didn't care, I quickly saved Vivi. Held her in my arms. I saved her. A memory I'll never forget. She just stared at me..Struck with happiness. Then, a mistletoe appeared right before our eyes. We looked up. It was Cartman, grinning. ''Gotcha. now kiss nerds or you're gonna have to kiss my ass! REMEMBER THAT DARE KAHL?'' I remembered. Clearly. THAT bet. If I get a mistletoe under me, I gotta kiss that certain girl, or kiss Cartman's ass. Didn't think it would come true! ''What!?'' Vivi was shocked. She was blushing, hard. ''IM NOT KISSING BROFLOVSKI! Ew, guy-cooties.'' Somehow, it sounded like she might be lieing. But..I could be wrong. This is Vivi we are talking about. ''Hey, Broflovski, thanks for saving me.'' She jumped out of my arms, I got up. Cartman started to yell. ''HEY!! BUT YOU--BUT--'' Vivi looked @ Cartman. ''I don't have to, I didn't sign up for the bet. so he can't kiss me unless the GIRL agrees. Ha! Come on Broflovski, let's go get smoothies & continue playing basketball, somewhere not around Santa Claus's demon self.'' Cartman got annoyed & complained. I nodded my head, ignoreing him, followed Vivi. Surprisinglt, Instead of smoothies, she showed me what Egg-Nog is. It tasted great! then we played basketball. To my surprise, she accually did listen to me, & we had a tie'd game. Usually when I taught people they would end up losing against me miserably. But Vivi..accually listened. As we walked home, I felt as if my heart started skipping beats near her, I felt kinda..floaty. ''So, rematch next time? Oh, & im getting that new Terrence & Phillip game for christmas! I'll try to not get it stolen by Eric & we can play it together!'' she said excitingly. I smiled. ''S-Sure!'' ''Okay! So, see you tomorrow? invite Stan so we can play the game with him. Oh & don't think you're gonna escape going to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic convention with me next Saturday! I'll drag you there if I have to!'' She waved, walking home, smiling the warmest smile you'll ever seen. ''Yeah, & let's get in study groups for the next project Mr. G mentioned on Monday!'' ''Oh yeah we'll Ace that project! The usual, I'll do the computer research, you stack up on the books!'' Vivi laughed, & went in her house. I went into mine, I sighed. All those times I've been on Christmas Eve, this has to be the best. If there was a chance, maybe, would I be able to date Elizabeth Becca Vivi? am I too nerdy? smart? not fun enough? so many questions, I wanted to be up to her standards. She means more then a best friend to me..more like..a..a..--I poped out of daydreaming. ''Hey son!'' my dad called out. ''How was hanging out with your little girlfriend? Did she wipe out your energy like..all the time?'' I smiled nervously blushing. ''Oh bubbe your outfit! what did she do to your outfit!?'' My mom said as she was holding Ike in her arms. ''Did you screw her yet?'' Ike said. ''No! & I just had abit of an accident (A accident that made my heart almost pop out of my chest!) I'm gonna go to bed. N-Night..& she's not my girlfriend!..(Yet?)'' All that night I stayed in bed, no sleep. I kept thinking of what happened today. I saved her from getting hurt, we both drank Egg-Nog & talked about how are lives are going, like how im prepareing for the new basketball team @ our school. She even said she'll cheer for me @ each of my games, miss out on anything she had to do just to cheer for me! I never felt so interested, so...loved. Could Vivi have a crush on me? Is that why is loves hanging out with me & always shows me knew experiences & cool things in life I don't bother to do? So many questions..& only one girl who has all the answers.
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