Beautiful Sea and Sky-3, Animated

Beautiful Sea and Sky-3, Animated
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A simply magnificent view of both sea and sky, beautifully mirrored in the water and waves! Beautifully intense colors of red, crimson, scarlet, burnt orange, and blue, with a slight tinge of copper, gold, and bronze! Lovely shades of complimentary color highlight this impressive display of nature's splendors! The warmth of the summer sun and the intensity of it's light appear to make the glowing clouds almost luminescent, with beautiful forms and textures! The gentle waves softly lap the time worn shore line of rock leaving their mark etched in stone for all to see! Image resized to 400X400 pixels..and hue, saturation, contrast, brightness, image clarity and sharpness..all performed & augmented using "PhotoFiltre 7" software (freeware). Water and wave animation added using "Squirlz" software (freeware).
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