I Hear Ya!... Free the Weed!

I Hear Ya!... Free the Weed!
My Song...I Hear Ya! Music: Preferably Rock but can be combination of Rock, Rhythm & Blues, &/ or maybe a little Rap or Country thrown in.( although I heard some country music fans aren't fond of each others music in which case there could be separate musical versions of these)definitely needs some thinking on this subject. CH/chorus:/Background singing: I Hear Ya! Ya Wanna Toke? VS.1 I often feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone, where the wrong thing is legal.. I feel so alone. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right, there's a lot of things that just ain't worth the fight, Still being illegal doesn't make it wrong, so use your common sense and don't go along! As if everyone stood up for what is right, it would surely be worth the fight, because we'll finally get everything that went wrong... right, & soon everyone will suddenly see the light. VS.2 Why does marijuana get such a bad rap 'cause it makes lazy people wanna take a nap? Alcohol & cigarettes are worst than pot... alcohol can cause violence & both can kill a lot. The government is against it because you get health care for free. I just wish America would wake up and see... where common sense tells you to weigh the good with the bad, then alcohol & cigarettes should be illegal & pot should be had. VS.3 More die from alcohol & cigarettes (which is worse than weed} and cannabis is natures aspirin (which I want & which I need). What a screwed up world we live in as we worry about the comforts of murderers' executions, We worry about more important things like computers, music & I-phones...what contenders; Yet sadly where you get less time for being murderers and much more time for being marijuana offenders. Where problems aren't solved, users aren't cured and tax payers are the losers. VS.4 Many say pot leads to other drugs and I say what a cop-out! I would've done those other drugs with pot .... or without! Some say weed made me do things I normally wouldn't do I say that's not true...you know what you'd do. Then there are those who say dope makes you paranoid, but if it were legal... the cops you needn't avoid. Still, others say they don't like the way they feel when they smoke. To them I say... to each is own and you don't have to take a toke. VS.5 I ain't gonna lie I enjoy getting high, a few tokes a day just to get me by. However cannabis I do need, Heals & cures, A miracle weed. It clothes you, It shelters you, A miracle seed. Protein enriched, it also can feed. It's durable & biodegradable & very sustainable... yet rarely legally attainable...still a miracle plant indeed! VS.6 But I know how you feel. You satisfy your will, because alcohol does me the same and that's why pot has fame. So leave cannabis alone! Alcohol shouldn't be condoned! Let me out of this Twilight Zone! PS. So hit a BONG! And just "GET ALONG" and that's the end of my song! Trailing off with I HEAR YA! I HEAR YA! I HEAR YA! I HEAR YA! I HEAR YA! I HEAR YA!

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